2017 proved to be a busy year for Canadian immigration. The citizenship and immigration system came across different development in structures and policies. This led to the success to the immigration structure.  Canada experienced a different year than its continental neighbor, US. This is because here, the President spoke of immigration as a national threat to the job vacancies and national security for the citizens. Here are some reasons listed by immigration lawyer service in Toronto which shows that 2017 has been a pivotal year for Canada immigration.

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Canada Express Entry

This is considered to be the hero of the Canadian immigration of 2017 success story.  The year began seeing the actual potential of the federal government’s 2 year old economic system of immigration. In the duration of 12 months, about 86,000 invitations to apply had been issued in three of the federal categories. This number was double of what had been issued in 2016.

Comprehensive Ranking Score

The comprehensive ranking score system went through a little shift in the point allotment structure. Instead of the 600 comprehensive ranking score, the candidates now allow points in between 50-200. This primarily depends on the NOC. Similarly, more points for having a sibling who stays in Canada had also been introduced.  Immigration lawyer services in Toronto has observed that all throughout 2017, the comprehensive ranking score had a favorable cut off range for the candidates of Express Entry pool.

Nomination Allotment

Throughout the year 2017, immigration lawyer services in Toronto saw a gain in the importance of PNPs. A majority of the PNP aligned with the Canada Express Entry had been active throughout the year. The top provinces of the Canada Express Entry of the year were Ontario. It had been offered the first position. Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan followed the same.  In the next year, the candidates who are interested in settling in Canada through PNP might expect a lot from Alberta and Manitoba.  News have shown that each of these programs will introduce an express entry which is aligned stream in the next year.

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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

In order to meet the requirements of employers, the Atlantic province was supposedly going to facilitate about 2000 immigrants says immigration lawyer services in Toronto in about four different province of Canada towards the end of the year.

Family Reunification

Federal programs will offer many successful family immigration programs. As a matter of fact, IRCC also introduced the Grandparents and Parents program in the year 2017. This will make the entire procedure faster and smoother. The government has introduced the new form of Interest to Sponsor. Another new amendment in the family reunification was the increase of the dependent age from 19 years to 22.


immigration lawyer Toronto says that in the month of October,  new rules became effective and it began expediting the transition process from the status Canadian permanent resident to Canadian citizenship.  According to new rule, the residents have to accumulate 3 years of residency rather than 5.  Moreover, the permanent residents who spend time as international student, foreign worker, and protected person  can count the part  of this time he/she spends for the residency days requirement to the total days spent in Canada.

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