Things to Know about the Changes in Ontario’s Labor Law

Every New Year, Ontario welcomes hosts of new laws and regulations. Like clockwork, this year also, the government has made several changes. From the wages of the workers to the political fundraising, everything is going to be a bit different than the previous year. The most earth-shattering changes have been made in the labor sector. To make you aware of the situation, labour lawyer Etobicoke has jotted down the major changes and their impact on the labors. Check the following points to know more about this issue.labour lawyer etobicoke

Minimum Wage

The new bill does not change the minimum wage scenario in Ontario. Previously, Bill 148 had bumped the minimum wage from $ 11.60 an hour to $ 14 an hour. It also said that the wage will be increased to $15 an hour in January 2019. The government, while amending the bill, did not increase the minimum wages to $15 an hour. Instead, the government has decided to let the minimum wage stay at the $14 an hour till October 2020. After that, the minimum wage will increase according to inflation. Get in touch with labour lawyer Etobicoke to know more about the age-related changes.

Holiday Pay

The pay rates of the holiday will be given according to the total amount of regular wages and the vacation wages payable to the employees. Total wages of the four work week that proceeds the holiday work week will be counted. The number which will occur after dividing the total wages by 20 will be given to the employee for the public holiday. The new law is difficult to understand. Without wasting any time, get in touch with labour lawyer Etobicoke now.

Scheduling Provisions

Some of the major scheduling provisions which were to come into effect under Bill 148 have been repealed in this amendment. All the repealed scheduling provisions are given below.

  • The right to request a change of work location or the schedule has been repealed.
  • The employee will be paid only three hour’s wage for being available if he or she is not called in for work.
  • The right to refuse work on an unscheduled day, if the employee is not notified 96 hours before.

To know the details of the changes in schedule, contact the labour lawyer Etobicoke immediately.

Leaves of Absence

From 1 January 2019, the employees cannot avail the 10 days personal emergency leave. Instead, the employees can avail only 8 days of unpaid leaves which should be distributed as per the regulations. Below the distribution of the unpaid leave is given.

  • For personal Illness, the employee can take three days to leave per year.
  • Employees can take three days of leaves for personal emergencies.
  • Per year, the employee can take two-day bereavement leaves.
  • For the sick leave, the employee must submit the doctor’s note to the employer.

The labor unions have already started voicing their protests for this matter. You, however, should not seat back. Talk to the labour lawyer Etobicoke to know about the changes in the legislation. Knowing your right will immensely help you to deal with the employer in the future.

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