Brett Popplewell is one of our favorite Ottawa youth volunteers. He does a lot of public speaking and recently published an amazing comic book, teachers document and set of posters.


Jay Soloman believes young people should play a more vocal role in the media and in their communities. He works with the Canadian Initiative for the Prevention of Bullying and provides the youth voice to that group.


The Anti-Bullying Alliance is an independent body made up of over 50 organisations involved in developing anti-bullying policy and practice in order to support the learning in the UK. Member organisations work together to reduce bullying and create safer environments for children and young people, free from bullying, violence and aggression. Great downloads for teachers. Just watch as this site grows!


This is perhaps the most visited anti bullying site in the world! It is the brainshild of Bill Belsey – one of the significant advocates for the cause. Check out the cyber-bullying site at the same time.


“Don’t Suffer in Silence” a site in the United Kingdom that is one the best for staying current and providing good resource material for teachers.


With the exception of the awesome “Taking it Global” Canadian youth site (which is #1) this has to rank in the top ten of youth engagement sites.


This is a really good site for young people and parents. Lots of information presented in a child friendly way.


The Canadian Children’s Rights Council, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, prides itself on providing information about violations of children’s rights in Canada while advocating for the solutions.


If you have to visit one site only you might find this to be the best. It is no nonsense, easy to navigate, rich in information, and been around for a long time.


Go to “Publications” and type bullying in the search engine for an article that every educator should read. This is one of the best!


Canada’s National Film Board and the home of some brilliant documentaries about bullying (and everything else it would seem). Check out the amazing work of Teresa MacInnes.


This is the site of the Committee for Children, an international leader in social, emotional, and academic learning. Well presented information on bullying and other topics.


Operation Respect was founded by Peter Yarrow of the folk group Peter, Paul & Mary, and speaker at the Ottawa 2005, anti bullying conference. The organization disseminates resources designed to reduce the emotional and physical cruelty children inflict upon each other. Lots of excellent downloads.


A tremendous site for teachers… rich in all kinds of information. Search bullying and find everything you need to know including lesson plans.


The Scottish Schools Ethos Network aims to promote the importance of developing a positive school ethos, positive discipline, student participation and inclusion through events and publications. Andrew Mellor, Executive Director at the Network, will be a speaker at the March 2005 conference in Ottawa.


Roots of Empathy is an innovative classroom-based parenting program that aims to reduce aggression through the fostering of empathy and emotional literacy. The program reaches children aged 3 to 14 years. Mary Gordon, President of Roots of Empathy, and a compelling speaker will present at the “Beyond Rhetoric” Conference in Ottawa in March 2005.


A New Zealand site full of excellent resource information.


This excellent resource from the US is user friendly and full of information. One of the best!


A Canadian non-profit organization that specializes in information, resources, support and training to help people with anti-bullying through peer helping, peer mentoring, and peer mediation.