The Great Criminal Code of Canada

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The laws. which relate to crime collectively makes the body of criminal law. Crimes related to threatening, harming or endangering people’s life, their property, their safety, their health or any kind of moral welfare. Violation of criminal laws allows the law to punish or rehabilitate criminals. Criminal lawyer Toronto are great at maintaining and protecting the criminal laws of Canada.


  • History of criminal law –

criminal code canadaBefore the Code of Ur-Nammu by king Neo-Sumerian of Ur in around 2100-2050 BC, the Sumerians were the one to design the first written criminal codes. Some belief in the existence of Urukagina codes in around 2380-2360 BC. The core of Babylonian law was formed by an early important code known as Code of Hammurabi. The fragments which survived from the early Ancient Greece criminal laws were of Solon and Draco.

The conflation of civil and criminal laws was done on the Twelve Tables by Gaius’s commentaries. A theft was considered as a tort there. The foundations of distinction, between civil laws and criminal laws in European law were provided by Roman Classifications and jurisprudence of sixth-century.

In England, the first initiative of the modern distinction between civil laws & criminal laws was detected during the Norman Invasion. The criminal penalty became one secular criminal law after it was believed by the late Spanish scholasticism that God’s penalty inflicts for a guilty mind. The European countries started maintaining their new police services in the eighteenth century. It gave rise to new state dispensing justice courts in Europe. That was the starting point of the formalization of enforcement mechanisms by criminal law. This made the new version of criminal law much distinct from the civil laws holding separate existence of importance and it’s development.


  • Criminal Code (Canada) –

The criminal laws, which include most of the criminal offenses and proceeds under laws of Canada, are considered as the Criminal Code. ‘An Act respecting the criminal law’ is that what we call it now. That is the officially given title to Canada’s criminal code. Over the criminal law of Canada, there is sole jurisdiction of Parliament according to the Constitution Act, 1867 mentioned in Section 91(27). The criminal lawyers in Toronto played a great role in forming some constitution Acts of Canada.

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Some other Criminal law

Some of the criminal laws of Canada do not get included in the criminal code. Those are the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, the Contraventions Act, the Firearms Act, and the Canada Evidence Act.

The criminal code stated conveniently that a person would not be convicted of a crime if it’s not a specified or outlined statement in a statute. It played a major role in the legal history of Canada. It also helped in the formation of other laws like Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

Several revisions of the criminal code have taken place and the Criminal lawyer Quebec has effectively taken part in them shaping the criminal code over time. For more details read here!

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